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Talking about jobs

April 28th, 2018 in English Learning

Here are some English phrases for talking about jobs, which will allow you to discuss the type of job you do and where you work.

Asking about a person’s job

Short Questions

April 19th, 2018 in English Learning

Sometimes we answer a statement by asking for more information. Questions of this kind have a very simple structure.
Study the following examples.

Few and Little

April 13th, 2018 in English Quiz

The words few and little are determiners with similar meanings. Use few with plural nouns. Use little with uncountable nouns.
Use a few and a little to mean some. Use few and little to mean almost none or almost nothing.

Some and Any

April 9th, 2018 in English Quiz

Some and any are determiners. Some is used in affirmative sentences. Any is used in questions and negative sentences.

Fill in the blanks with some or any.

Sample Conversations

April 6th, 2018 in English Learning

Here are some practice dialogues to improve your English speaking skills.

I’m terrible at sports

Storyline: Two friends are talking about their favourite sports events.

Sam: Do you like cricket?

Gap Fills Exercise

April 5th, 2018 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate verb form.

Exercise 1

Sample Conversations in English

April 3rd, 2018 in English for children

Here are some sample conversations in English

Asking for direction