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Superlative and Comparative Adjectives Quiz 2

February 1st, 2010 in English Quiz

Supply the proper form of the adjective given in the brackets.

1.    How is your father now? Is he any ——————? (Good)
2.    May is ——————— than any other month in this part of the globe. (Hot)
3.    She is ——————- than her sisters. (Pretty)
4.    John is the ———————- boy in the class. (Smart)
5.    Your dog is big, but mine is —————— (Big)
6.    Honor is ——————— to him than life. (Dear)
7.    Name the ——————- city in the world. (Large)
8.    She is the ——————— friend I have. (Good)
9.    His drawing is ————-, but yours is —————- (Bad)
10.    There is no animal ———————— than the tiger. (Ferocious)
11.    He is the ——————- of the two. (Tall)
12.    Sind is the —————— part of Pakistan. (Dry)
13.    Iron is ——————— than any other metal. (Useful)
14.    Who is the —————— living poet? (Great)
15.    Iron is the —————– of all metals. (Useful)
16.    You need a —————— diet. (Nutritious)
17.    This is the ——————- moment of my life. (Proud)
18.    That is the —————— price I can take. (Little)
19.    Silver is ——————– than gold. (Light)
20.    Prevention is ——————- than cure. (Good)


1.    Better
2.    Hotter
3.    Prettier
4.    Smartest
5.    Bigger
6.    Dearer
7.    Largest
8.    Best
9.    Bad, worse
10.    More ferocious
11.    Taller
12.    Driest
13.    More useful
14.    Greatest
15.    Most useful
16.    More nutritious
17.    Proudest
18.    Least
19.    Lighter
20.    Better


Comparative forms are used before than. Superlative forms are always preceded by the.

When a comparison is made between two people or things we use the comparative adjective, and not the superlative adjective.

Take the shorter of the two routes. (NOT Take the shortest of the two routes.)
She is the prettier of the two sisters.

Note that this rule is not always followed and some people do use the superlative form.