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Adjectives Exercise

January 31st, 2010 in English Grammar, English Learning

Pick out all the adjectives in the following sentences and say to which class each of them belongs.

1.    The car sustained heavy damage in the accident.
2.    He has written several stories.
3.    A dog is very faithful to its master.
4.    Every man has his duties.
5.    He is a man of few words.
6.    Neither party is quite in the right.
7.    Which color do you prefer?
8.    The way was long, the wind was cold.
9.    He calls me every day.
10.    I have not seen him in several days.
11.    John won the second prize.
12.    He was absent from the class.
13.    He died a glorious death.
14.    A small leak is enough to sink a great ship.
15.    King Francis was a hearty king and loved a royal sport.


1.    Heavy – adjective of quality
2.    Several – indefinite numeral adjective

3.    Faithful – adjective of quality
4.    Every – distributive numeral adjective
5.    Few – indefinite numeral adjective
6.    Neither – distributive numeral adjective
7.    Which – interrogative adjective
8.    Long – adjective of quality; cold – adjective of quality
9.    Every – distributive numeral adjective
10.    Several – indefinite numeral adjective
11.    Second – definite numeral adjective
12.    Absent – descriptive adjective
13.    Glorious – descriptive adjective
14.    Small – descriptive adjective; great – descriptive adjective
15.    Hearty – adjective of quality; royal – adjective of quality