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Change affirmative to interrogative sentences

May 4th, 2015 in English Learning

This worksheet tests your ability to change affirmative sentences into interrogative sentences.

Change affirmative sentences to interrogative sentences.

1. James teaches at a school.

2. Susie has a beautiful voice.

3. Peter knows the answer.

4. Maria lives with her aunt.

5. She took a lot of time to finish the work.

6. He told me a story.

7. The boy stole the money.

8. She went to school.

9. Alice made a cake yesterday.

10. Peter wants to become an engineer.

11. Lara works very hard.

12. Rohan played basketball at university.

13. Peter earns a handsome salary.

14. Julie visited Ibrahim yesterday.


1. Does James teach at a school?

2. Does Susie have a beautiful voice?

3. Does Peter know the answer?

4. Does Maria live with her aunt?

5. Did she take a lot of time to finish the work?

6. Did he tell me a story?

7. Did the boy steal the money?

8. Did she go to school?

9. Did Alice make a cake yesterday?

10. Does Peter want to become an engineer?

11. Does Lara work very hard?

12. Did Rohan play basketball at university?

13. Does Peter earn a handsome salary?

14. Did Julie visit Ibrahim yesterday?