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Words confused exercise

August 30th, 2011 in English Quiz

Complete the following sentences.

1. It was his —————————– nature that made him popular among his friends.

a) Ingenious
b) Ingenuous

2. He is working in the —————————- department.

a) Judicious
b) Judicial

3. He tends to worry over —————————– fears.

a) Imaginary
b) Imaginative

4. The growth of plants was ————————- after the application of fertilizers.

a) Luxurious
b) Luxuriant

5. It was a ————————– decision whose significance was not realized at that point.

a) Momentary
b) Momentous

6. We entered the temple in a very ————————– mood.

a) Reverend
b) Reverent

7. I shall not —————————– my right to this property unless you promise to give me something bigger and better.

a) Wave
b) Waive

8. In the olden days people believed that the earth was ——————————

a) Stationary
b) Stationery

9. His deafness is ——————————-

a) Congenial
b) Congenital

10. She looked lovely in her ————————– dress.

a) Bridal
b) Bridle


1. Ingenuous (frank, open)

2. Judicial (legal)

3. Imaginary (not real)

4. Luxuriant (rich in growth)

5. Momentous (very important)

6. Reverent (feeling reverence)

7. Waive (relinquish)

8. Stationary (motionless)

9. Congenital (from birth)

10. Bridal (of bride or wedding)