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Easily confused words Quiz 3

November 12th, 2010 in Vocabulary

Easily confused words are words that are very similar in spelling or pronunciation. Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate word.

1. The headmaster —————— to the request of the students and granted them a holiday.

a) acceded
b) exceeded

2.  It was a very vicious act and there is nothing but the culprit’s youth to —————– it.

a) attenuate
b) extenuate

3. The hoarders and black-marketeers should be given ——————— punishment.

a) corporal
b) corporate

4. In his essays Bacon imparts moral and social ——————– to his readers.

a) council
b) counsel

5. A child’s mind requires ——————– surroundings to develop very well.

a) congenital
b) congenial

6. He was —————— by her beauty.

a) captured
b) captivated

7. His deafness is ——————

a) congenial
b) congenital

8. Some people harp on the glory of the —————— Indian culture.

a) ancient
b) antique

9. The ——————— of his statement are far-reaching.

a) implications
b) applications

10. He ——————– the bottle to show that there was not a drop of water in it.

a) averted
b) inverted

11. The ——————— especially the weavers and ivory workers need a market for their products.

a) artists
b) artisans

12. The growth of rice was ——————– after the application of fertilizers.

a) luxurious
b) luxuriant


1. a) acceded
2. b) extenuate
3. a) corporal
4. b) counsel
5. b) congenial
6. b) captivated
7. b) congenital
8. a) ancient
9. a) implications
10. b) inverted
11. b) artisans
12. b) luxuriant