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Idiomatic Expressions About Night

March 7th, 2020 in English Learning

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word night. Each idiom is followed by its meaning / definition. Example sentences are also given.

Morning, noon, and night

This expression is used to emphasize the fact that something happens continuously or all the time.

It’s been raining morning, noon and night since last week.
She has been texting me morning, noon and night. This is quite annoying.

At this time of night

This expression is used to express your surprise that something is happening very late.

You are telling me at this time of night! (= Why didn’t you tell me earlier?)
What are you doing there at this time of night?
‘There is the doorbell.’ ‘At this time of night!’

Bad night

A night during which you don’t get any rest is called a bad night.

I can barely keep my eyes open – I had a bad night.

An early/late night

If on one particular occasion you go to bed earlier than usual, you can say that you have an early night. If you go to bed later than usual, you can say that you have a late night.

These late nights will ultimately ruin your health.

Make a night of it

To make a night of it is to stay up late into the night having fun.

Whenever I want to make a night of it, I go to a jazz club in my town.