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Words followed by particular prepositions

February 26th, 2012 in English Grammar

Agree with

You agree with a person, an opinion or a policy.

I cannot agree with you.

I can’t agree with your opinion.

I don’t agree with your policies.

Agree about

You agree about a subject of discussion.

I think he is the right man for me. We agree about most things.

Agree on

We agree on a matter for discussion.

We couldn’t agree on a price.

Agree to

She agreed to my suggestion and accepted the job.

Angry with

We can get angry with/at a person for doing something.

She was angry with me for breaking her window. OR She was angry at me for breaking her window.

Angry about

We can get angry about something.

I am angry about the rampant corruption plaguing our society.

Anxious about

When you are anxious about something, you are worried about it.

She is anxious about his safety. (= She is worried about his safety.)

Anxious for

When you are anxious for something, you are eager to have it.

Anxious to

When you are anxious to do something, you are eager to do it.

She is anxious to leave.

Care for

To care for somebody is to look after him or her.

He spent his whole life caring for his autistic daughter.

Care for can also mean ‘like’.

He really cares for his grandmother.

Care about

To care about something is to think that it is important.

I don’t care about your opinion.