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Prepositional Phrases Quiz 1

December 24th, 2009 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositional phrases.

1.    He kindly ——————— my request.

a)    Acceded to
b)    Acceded with
c)    Acceded from
d)    Acceded in

2.    African forests ———————- wild animals.

a)    Abound with
b)    Abound on
c)    Abound of
d)    Abound from

3.    He is very ——————— his calculations.

a)    Accurate at
b)    Accurate in
c)    Accurate of
d)    Accurate from

4.    He has been —————— theft.

a)    Accused of
b)    Accused after
c)    Accused with
d)    Accused in

5.    I have been living here for several years, but I am yet to get ——————- the local food.

a)    Accustomed to
b)    Accustomed with
c)    Accustomed on
d)    Accustomed in

6.    The magistrate acquitted him ——————- theft.

a)    With
b)    Of
c)    On
d)    After

7.    He has great ———————- his sister.

a)    Affection for
b)    Affection on
c)    Affection with
d)    Affection in

8.    I don’t understand what he is ———————

a)    Aiming at
b)    Aiming after
c)    Aiming for
d)    Aiming with

9.    I don’t ———————- him in matters of policy.

a)    Agree with
b)    Agree to
c)    Agree on
d)    Agree after

10.    I am ———————- the gravity of the situation.

a)    Aware of
b)    Aware about
c)    Aware in
d)    Aware after

11.    I am ———————- her for lying to me.

a)    Angry with
b)    Angry in
c)    Angry at
d)    Angry to

12.    Doctor Johnson ——————— Oliver Goldsmith for the rude words he had said.

a)    Apologized to
b)    Apologized with
c)    Apologized for
d)    Apologized after

13.    You ought to be ———————- your conduct.

a)    Ashamed of
b)    Ashamed with
c)    Ashamed on
d)    Ashamed for

14.    I have no servants to ———————– me.

a)    Attend upon
b)    Attend with
c)    Attend after
d)    Attend for

15.    Students must ——————– their lessons.

a)    Attend to
b)    Attend in
c)    Attend for
d)    Attend at


1.    Acceded to
2.    Abound with
3.    Accurate in
4.    Accused of
5.    Accustomed to
6.    Of
7.    Affection for
8.    Aiming at
9.    Agree with
10.    Aware of
11.    Angry with
12.    Apologized to
13.    Ashamed of
14.    Attend upon
15.    Attend to