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Phrasal verbs with put – Quiz 2

September 2nd, 2010 in Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. As the crops were so abundant we decided to ———– them ———-.

a) put down
b) put by
c) put up
d) put on

2. If you want to suceed in life, you must ———– all negative thoughts ———–
a) put away
b) put off
c) put down
d) put on

3. His collegues ————- him ————– as a snob.

a) put down
b) put away
c) put by
d) put with

4. My uncle, who is an influential politician, has agreed to ————- a good word for me.

a) put in
b) put down
c) put for
d) put after

5.When I spoke to her I found out that she was much ————- her health.

a) put about
b) put on
c) put in
d) put down

6. Despite trying really hard, he failed to ———— his message ———–

a) put across
b) put away
c) put off
d) put in

7. All that you need is to¬† ————- an appearance at the meeting.

a) put in
b) put off
c) put down
d) put up

8. Please ————– the fire.

a) put out
b) put off
c) put up
d) put by

9. They did ————- a fight before giving in.

a) put up
b) put off
c) put on
d) put away

10. He accused the partisan crowd of ————- him ————- his game.

a) putting away
b) putting off
c) putting down
d) putting on


1. put by (save for future use)
2. put away (discard)
3. put down (categorize)
4. put in (introduce)
5. put about (be worried)
6. put across (persuade people to accept something)
7. put in (be present at)
8. put out (cause something to stop burning)
9. put up (offer resistance)
10. putting off (cause somebody to perform badly by taking his attention from it)