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Phrasal verbs with put

July 16th, 2010 in Vocabulary, Words

Put about (change direction or cause to change direction)

Put across (state clearly)

She failed to put her views across during the hearing.

Put away (discard, consume food or drink, kill (informal)

You must put all negative thoughts away if you want to succeed in life.
They put away the dinner in a few minutes.
The injured horse was put away.

Put by (save for later use)

Put down (write down, bring to an end, render ineffective, criticize, attribute)

He put down a list of people he wanted to invite for his birthday.
The authorities failed to put down the rebellion.
He was put down for his poor performance in class.
Let’s put this disaster down to inefficiency.

Put forward (propose for consideration)

She put forward an interesting plan.

Put in (make a formal offer of, introduce, spend time at a job, apply)

He has put in a plea of guilty.
My friend has agreed to put in a good word for me.
I put in ten hours at the office.
He has put in a claim for compensation.

Put off (postpone, take off, repulse)

The meeting has been put off.
He put off the coat.
His indifference put me off.

Put on (clothe oneself with, activate, assume)

He put on a coat.
Put on the brakes.
He puts on an air of dignity.

Put out (extinguish)

The firemen put out the fire.

Put up with (tolerate)

I couldn’t put up with his insolence.