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Small Talk | Sample Conversations

December 3rd, 2019 in English Learning

When we meet people, we often engage in small talk with them. Sometimes we are introduced to others and sometimes our friend or colleague introduces someone to us.

Here are two pieces of conversation.

Conversation 1

Situation: Mary is introducing her cousin Mark to her friend Robert.

Mary to Robert: Robert, this is my cousin, Mark.

Robert to Mark: Hi Mark. Nice to meet you.

Mark to Robert: Nice to meet you, too. You and Mary work in the same office, right? She has often told me about you.

Robert: Yeah. We’re colleagues. Actually, we have known each other since our university days.

Mark: Oh, I see.

Conversation 2

Situation: Susie is introducing her friend Annie to Mary.

Susie: Mary, I don’t think you’ve met Annie. She is my friend.

Mary to Annie: Hello. Glad to meet you.

Annie to Mary: Glad to meet you too. Do you work or study?

Mary: I’m studying medicine at the moment. It’s a five-year degree course. I’m in my fourth year now. What about you?

Annie: I’m a teacher.

Mary: Oh, I see. Do you love your job?

Annie: Yes, why not? I love children.

Mary: That’s great.