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Telephone Conversation | Inquiring About An Apartment

November 3rd, 2018 in English Learning

Inquiring about an apartment

James has been hunting for an apartment for a while. He sees an advertisement in the newspaper and makes a phone call inquiring about the rent and other things.

James: Hello. I’m calling to inquire about the apartment you advertised.

Manager: Yes. What kind of apartment are you interested in? We’ve got both single and double bedroom apartments for lease or purchase.

James: I’ll rent a single bedroom apartment. It should meet my needs because I’m a bachelor.

Manager: That’s okay. Are you ready to move in? When do you need it?

James: Yes, I’m ready to move in. Can I have the apartment ready this week itself?

Manager: Sure. No problem. You can move in anytime you want.

James: Great. What about the rent and other things?

Manager: Well, it’s a one-bedroom apartment. The monthly rent is US $400. You’ve to pay electricity and gas. Water charges are included in the rent. If you need parking space, you will have to pay extra. That’s probably it. And… yes, there’s a security deposit of US $800.

James: That’s good. Can I come over tomorrow to take a look?

Manager: Sure. What time would you like to come?

James: How about 2 PM?

Manager: Good. May I have your name, please?

James: Yes, my name is James.

Manager: OK James. I’ll see you tomorrow.

James: Thank you.