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Words that are out of order

October 4th, 2013 in English Learning

In these sentences, change the order of the words so that they will make sense.

1. he of made fiber coconut on his head a hat wore

2. home he came uncle my weather the under was when

3. he the people by respected he worked whom with was

4. a girl beauty I saw whose away my breath  took

5. fish kinds many could see we of glass-bottomed cruising boat in the

6. I read that the burglar caught been had in the paper

7. a bus she met married a man that on

8. the little I hope I have done that useful has been

9. a mountain flying see I could clearly feet at a thousand

10. the idea she was interesting which put forward

11. enough old she is herself now to dress

12. he drank he lost his job reason the main that why was


1. He wore a hat made of coconut fiber on his head.

2. My uncle was under the weather when he came home.

3. He was respected by the people with whom he worked.

4. I saw a girl whose beauty took my breath away.

5. Cruising in the glass-bottomed boat, we could see many kinds of fish

6. I read in the paper that the burglar had been caught.

7. She married a man that she met on a bus.

8. I hope that the little I have done has been useful.

9. Flying at a thousand feet I could clearly see a mountain.

10. The idea which she put forward was interesting.