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Make Sensible Sentences

March 29th, 2010 in English for children

1. Some children saw we in park the playing.

2. River there a bridge is across the.

3. The railway road which to is the station?

4. Was I could you wondering if money lend me some.

5. Think didn’t proper I to you wake up it.

6. Get we the roof monsoon before should repaired in sets.

7. Breakfast for what you would to have like?

8. Are when you to going job get a good?

9. Ages have been we for waiting.

10. Subject have we books on every good.

11. Said he would before he seven arrive, did he and.

12. You could chops some up pick butcher’s from?


1. We saw some children playing in the park.

2. There is a bridge across the river.

3. Which is the road to the railway station?

4. I was wondering if you could lend me some money.

5. I didn’t think it proper to wake you up.

6. We should get the roof repaired before monsoon sets in.

7. What would you like to have for breakfast?

8. When are you going to get a good job?

9. We have been waiting for ages.

10. We have good books on every subject.

11. He said he would arrive before seven, and he did.

12. Could you pick up some chops from butcher’s?