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Social occasions vocabulary

June 26th, 2012 in Vocabulary

People all over the world like to go out and entertain guests at home. English people are no different. Some social occasions are formal, while others are informal parties for friends and family. Here are the words and phrases you will need to talk about common social occasions.

Carol concert

A carol is a religious song on the theme of Christmas. On the occasion of Christmas, Christians often go to church to hear carols. These musical performances are called carol concerts.

Family gathering

Family members get together and have lunch or dinner on special occasions like Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Cocktail party

A cocktail party is a party held in the evening where formally dressed people come together and have drinks.

Informal drinks

Unlike a cocktail party, this is an informal party organized at your house. Drinks and snacks are served.

Fundraising event / charity do

A ‘do’ is an event. At a charity do, the organizers try to raise money for a humanitarian cause. At most fundraising events, you can find well-known personalities speaking in favor of the cause. These events may also involve a formal dinner or an auction.

Fancy-dress party

A party which requires people to wear costumes on a particular theme.

A ball

A ball is organized in the evening. It is a formal occasion when people dance.


A bingo is more or less like a game. People participating in a bingo buy a card with numbers on it and then listen to the numbers read out by the announcer. If you have got the numbers you call ‘Bingo’. Winners will get a cash prize.