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Talking About Dieting

July 1st, 2019 in English for children

The number of people who wants to lose weight is steadily increasing. Needless to say, dieting is a favourite topic for conversation. Both men and women go on diets.
When you see someone who has lost weight, you will probably want to mention that they look better. Here are a few sentences you can use.

Are you dieting? You seem to have lost weight.

You’ve lost oodles of weight. You look better now.

Wow! Now that you’ve lost weight, you look so good.

Sometimes people lose weight without trying to. It is not really a reason to celebrate because it could be the sign of a major underlying problem.

People often discuss diets during meals. Here are some questions you can ask if you notice a person who is trying to eat less.
Why aren’t you eating anything? Are you trying to lose weight?
You hardly ate anything. Are you on a diet?

Are you not hungry?
Here are some replies.
I’ve been on a diet for six weeks.
Well, I’m trying to lose some weight.

I’m dieting.
My dietician doesn’t want me to eat anything fatty.

I’m trying to see if I can still fit into my old jeans.
I’m trying to lose weight because I’ve to attend a wedding next week.
Some people are so skinny and yet they want to go on a diet. This obsession with weight loss isn’t healthy.
You look great now. I don’t think you’ve to lose more weight.
Why do you have to lose any more weight? You’re already skinny.

You don’t have to go on a diet. You already have a great figure.
Start eating something. That’s what you need to do.