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Sample Conversations

November 3rd, 2018 in English for children

Here are two pieces of conversation about making appointments.

Making a Doctor’s Appointment

Receptionist: Dr. Shetty’s office. How can I help you?
Patient: I’d like to see the doctor. Can I make an appointment?
Receptionist: Of course. Are you ill at the moment?
Patient: Yes, I’m not feeling well. I’m running a temperature.
Receptionist: Nothing too serious, right?
Patient: No, it’s not too bad.
Receptionist: Do you have any other symptoms?
Patient: Yes, I’ve a sore throat.
Receptionist: OK. Dr. Shetty can see you tomorrow. Can you come in the morning?
Patient: Hmm… Can I see the doctor today itself?
Receptionist: No, today is difficult. The doctor has several other appointments.
Patient: OK. Then let’s schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning.
Receptionist: Can you come at 10 o’clock?
Patient: Yes, 10 o’clock is fine.
Receptionist: Can you tell me your name?
Patient: Yes, it’s Avinash Morey.
Receptionist: Have you seen Dr. Shetty before?
Patient: Yes, I have had a physical examination some six months ago.
Receptionist: OK. I’ve scheduled an appointment for 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.
Patient: Thank you.
Receptionist: That’s all right.

Making a dinner reservation

Receptionist: Good Evening Indigo Restaurant. Can I help you?
Customer: I hope so. I’d like to reserve a table for four.
Receptionist: Certainly. What time would you like to make the reservation for?
Customer: At eight o’clock.
Receptionist: I’m afraid we won’t have any tables available then. How about 9 o’clock?
Customer: Um… OK. Then let’s make the reservation for 9 o’clock.
Receptionist: Great, a table for four for 9 o’clock. May I have your name, please?
Customer: Yes, it’s Jay Mohan.
Receptionist: Thank you. I’ve reserved a table for four for 9’clock.
Customer: Thank you very much.
Receptionist: That’s all right. We’ll see you at nine.
Customer: Yes, see you then. Good bye.