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Active And Passive Voice Exercise

January 6th, 2022 in English Quiz

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into passive voice.

1. They congratulated the winners.

2. She has written several stories.

3. Carpenters make furniture.

4. My sister feeds stray dogs.

5. The passerby helped the injured man.

6. She speaks six languages.

7. They built this house in 1906.

8. He sells eggs.

9. The cops are investigating the case.

10. The child is drawing a picture.

11. I was fixing the bicycle.

12. I have cooked dinner.

13. The cops have arrested the culprit.

14. A girl answered the call.


1. The winners were congratulated by them.

2. Several stories have been written by her.

3. Furniture is made by carpenters.

4. Stray dogs are fed by my sister.

5. The injured man was helped by the passerby.

6. Six languages are spoken by her.

7. This house was built in 1906.

8. Eggs are sold by him.

9. The case is being investigated by the cops.

10. A picture is being drawn by the child.

11. The bicycle was being fixed by me.

12. Dinner has been cooked by me.

13. The culprit has been arrested by the cops.

14. The call was answered by a girl.