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Active and passive voice exercise

December 12th, 2014 in English Quiz

Change the following sentences in to passive voice.

1. They are targeting him.

2. They are considering you for the job.

3. Mother is cooking dinner.

4. The police are questioning the accused.

5. They sent me to Jaipur.

6. The committee rewarded the boy.

7. They treated him badly.

8. I have completed my work.

9. You have created a problem.

10. He has turned down my offer.

11. They have violated the agreement.

12. I have invited my friends to my party.

13. The robber shot the man dead.

14. The boy told a story.


1. He is being targeted by them.

2. You are being considered for the job.

3. Dinner is being cooked by mother.

4. The accused are being questioned by the police.

5. I was sent to Jaipur.

6. The boy was rewarded by the committee.

7. He was badly treated by them.

8. My work has been completed by me.

9. A problem has been created by you.

10. My offer has been turned down by him.

11. The agreement has been violated by them.

12. My friends have been invited to my party.

13. The man was shot dead by the robber.

14. A story was told by the boy.