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Passive voice exercise

November 21st, 2014 in English Quiz

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. The cat killed the mouse.

2. Charles bought the pony for his daughter.

3. The woodcutter felled the tree.

4. I will write a letter.

5. A pretty girl opened the door.

6. His behavior disgusts me.

7. He scored twenty runs.

8. They will soon forget it.

9. My cousin drew this picture.

10. The hunter shot the lion dead.

11. The master has appointed a boy to feed the horse.

12. Everybody loves and respects an honest man.

13. The teacher praised the boy.

14. Little strokes fell great oaks.


1. The mouse was killed by the cat.

2. The pony was bought by Charles for his daughter.

3. The tree was felled by the woodcutter.

4. A letter will be written by me.

5. The door was opened by a pretty girl.

6. I am disgusted by his behavior.

7. Twenty runs were scored by him.

8. It will soon be forgotten.

9. This picture was drawn by my cousin.

10. The lion was shot dead by the hunter.

11. A boy has been appointed by the master to feed the horse.

12. An honest man is loved and respected by all.

13. The boy was praised by the teacher.

14. Great oaks are felled by little strokes.