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August 28th, 2016 in Words

Break someone’s heart

To break someone’s heart is to make them really sad.

  • Peter broke his mother’s heart, when he failed his test.

From the heart / from the bottom of your heart

To say something from the bottom of your heart is to say it in a very sincere way.

Have a heart of gold

When you have a heart of gold, you are very kind.

Tug / pull at your heartstrings

If something pulls or tugs at your heartstrings, it arouses deep feelings of compassion or love.

Take something to heart

To take something to heart is to be very upset by criticism.

Wear your heart on your sleeves

To wear your heart on your sleeves is to show your feelings openly.

Bring someone to heel

To bring someone to heel is to bring them under control.

Cool your heals

To cool your heals is to keep waiting.

Take to your heels

To take to your heels is to run away.

Come hell or high water

Whatever difficulties may occur

Someone’s heyday

Someone’s heyday is the period of greatest success in their life.

Hide your light under a bushel

To hide your light under a bushel is to keep quiet about your plans.

On your high horse

To be on your high horse is to behave pompously or arrogantly.

Over the hill

When you are over the hill, you are old and past your best.

Hit someone below the belt

To hit someone below the belt is to behave unfairly towards them.