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Foreign phrases in English

October 6th, 2015 in Words

English language has borrowed numerous words and phrases from foreign languages. Today, many of these words/phrases are an integral part of the English vocabulary. Here is a quick overview of foreign phrases in English.

Ab initio (Latin): from the beginning

Ad hoc (Latin): Made for this particular purpose

Ad infinitum (Latin): to infinity

Agent provocateur (French): This phrase is used to refer to a person who encourages a suspected criminal to commit a crime so that they can be caught and convicted.

Alfresco (Italian): in the open air

Amour proper (French): self-respect

Annus mirabilis (Latin): a remarkable or auspicious year

Au courant (French): well informed

Au fait (French): having a good knowledge

Au fond (French) in essence

Au naturel (French): in the most natural way

Beau ideal (French): ideal beauty

Beau monde (French): fashionable society

Bête noire (French): a person or a thing that you particularly dislike

Blitzkrieg (German): a violent military campaign launched with the objective of bringing about a swift victory

Bona fide (Latin): genuine; real

Bon vivant (French): a person with a sociable and luxurious lifestyle

Carpe diem (Latin): seize the day

Carte blanche (French): complete freedom to act as you wish

Caveat emptor (Latin): let the buyer beware

De facto (Latin): whether by right or not

Déjà vu (French): the sense of having experienced the present situation before

De jure (Latin): rightful; by right