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Phrasal verbs

July 12th, 2016 in Words

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with example sentences.

Back down

To back down is to withdraw.

  • Public protests forced the local administration to back down on its decision to build a sea link.

Bank on

To bank on someone is to put your hopes on them.

  • We are banking on you to help us in this hour of need.

Black out

When you black out you lose consciousness.

  • She accidentally hit her head against the wall and blacked out.

Block off

To block something off is to separate it using a barrier.

  • The police blocked off the entire area after the explosion.

Blow up

When something blows up it explodes.

  • The children blew up the balloons.

When someone blows up they become very angry.

  • He blew up when he heard that their team had lost the match.
  • Why are you blowing up at me?

Break away

When someone breaks away, they separate from their group.

  • The wolf broke away from his pack.

Break down

When things break down, they go out of order.

  • When the refrigerator broke down, we called in a technician.

When people break down, they lose control of their emotions.

  • Alice broke down when she heard the news.

Break into

To break into a place is to enter it by force.

  • Burglars broke into our home when we were away on vacation.

Break out

When something breaks out, it starts suddenly.

  • Riots broke out all over the country when the government passed the controversial law.