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Sentence Completion

June 28th, 2018 in English Quiz

In the following questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the best alternative.

1. The criminal ————— madness to escape punishment.

a) showed
b) acted
c) affected
d) none of these

2. During his regime, Akbar —————- many reforms in the country.

a) made
b) caused
c) effected
d) started

3. He did not get a promotion, as there was a/an ————— report against him.

a) impressive
b) good
c) adverse
d) wrong

4. Which cat is ————— to fish?

a) against
b) averse
c) adverse
d) none of these

5. I can apprehend the bare principles of the Theory of Relativity, but I cannot ————— its full implications.

a) assimilate
b) digest
c) comprehend
d) conceive

6. I shall not —————— my right to this house, unless you promise to give me another one.

a) discard
b) give in
c) avoid
d) waive

7. Every one should know the basic —————— of economics.

a) principals
b) rules
c) principles
d) laws

8. There we met a —————– gentleman with a tall stature and a flowing beard.

a) revered
b) reverent
c) reverend
d) respectful

9. He hates his landlady because he feels that she is ————- and meddlesome.

a) carefree
b) caring
c) official
d) officious

10. Only —————- people succeed in life.

a) ingenuous
b) industrious
c) religious
d) industrial

11. It was a —————– presentation and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

a) masterful
b) mastery
c) masterly
d) mastermind

12. He lives a ————– life in the city, neglecting his old parents in the village.

a) satisfactory
b) luxurious
c) miserable
c) noble


1. Affected
2. effected
3. adverse
4. averse
5. comprehend
6. waive
7. principles
8. reverend
9. officious
10. industrious
11. masterly
12. luxurious