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Fill In The Blanks

June 7th, 2018 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. The party took a ————— decision at its plenary meeting.

a) major
b) trivial
c) insignificant
d) momentous

2. He ————— ignorance to escape punishment.

a) showed
b) acted
c) feigned
d) fainted

3. The princess was very —————– and readily agreed to lend her name to the cause of homeless children.

a) graceful
b) beautiful
c) precious
d) gracious

4. Many European countries are trying to check the —————- of coloured people into their territories.

a) emigration
b) infiltration
c) immigration
d) none of these

5. It seems that another confrontation between the two hostile countries is ————–.

a) eminent
b) imminent
c) imaginable
d) necessary

6. Audio-visual aids are necessary to —————- the teaching of science subjects.

a) felicitate
b) implement
c) facilitate
d) feasible

7. He presented his ideas in a lucid and —————- manner.

a) feasible
b) comprehensive
c) confidential
d) comprehensible

8. The engineer, in —————— with the contractor, cheated the government of a lot of money.

a) association
b) collaboration
c) connection
d) collusion

9. A child’s mind requires a ————— surrounding to develop fully.

a) confidential
b) affectionate
c) careful
d) congenial

10. The candidates have been vigorously ————— the support of the voters.

a) pleading
b) asking
c) demanding
d) canvassing

11. I hate ————— in speech or manner.

a) affection
b) tact
c) affectation
d) none of these

12. You must be able to ————— yourself to changing circumstances to be successful.

a) adopt
b) assign
c) adapt
d) advocate

13. We must do whatever is necessary to ——————- a Third World War.

a) stop
b) avert
c) invert
d) cancel


1. momentous
2. feigned
3. gracious
4. immigration
5. imminent
6. facilitate
7. comprehensible
8. collusion
9. congenial
10. canvassing
11. affectation
12. adapt
13. avert