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Gap Fills Exercise

June 8th, 2018 in English Quiz

Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. The visitor was given a ——————– welcome.

a) ceremonious
b) ceremonial
c) celebrated
d) cold

2. Please convey my —————– to your brother.

a) compliments
b) complements
c) feelings
d) emotions

3. I shall tell you something, but keep it —————

a) confidence
b) confidential
c) confident
d) public

4. This practice does not —————- to the rules laid down by the council.

a) confirm
b) conform
c) support
d) rectify

5. Cancer is not a —————- disease.

a) serious
b) contagious
c) contiguous
d) contaminated

6. Several Indians have —————- to Australia in the last few years.

a) immigrated
b) emigrated
c) entered
d) visited

7. In my —————–, a Third World War is very unlikely.

a) calculation
b) estimation
c) belief
d) prospect

8. In this collection, he has made a ————- selection of light essays as well as thought provoking ones.

a) imprudent
b) judicious
c) judicial
d) legal

9. Tokyo is a ————— city.

a) popular
b) populous
c) inhabited
d) uninhabited

10. In the olden days people believed that the earth was —————

a) stationary
b) stationery
c) moving
d) revolving

11. I am —————– about getting their support in this matter.

a) sanguine
b) hopeless
c) pessimistic
d) none of these

12. The robber —————– a pistol and threatened the passengers.

a) showed
b) displayed
c) used
d) brandished

13. He was —————– of the charge of theft.

a) released
b) acquitted
c) admitted
d) denied


1. ceremonious
2. compliments
3. confidential
4. conform
5. contagious
6. emigrated
7. estimation
8. judicious
9. populous
10. stationary
11. sanguine
12. brandished
13. acquitted