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Sentence Completion Exercise

June 10th, 2018 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. He supported his arguments with —————- quotations.

a) irrelevant
b) apposite
c) opposite
d) adjudged

2. Don’t be under the —————— that you can succeed without working hard.

a) allusion
b) belief
c) illusion
d) faith

3. The students were asked to give a/an ——————— of the whole novel in about 300 words.

a) content
b) abstract
c) extract
d) none of these

4. He —————- the bottle to show that there was not a drop left.

a) averted
b) turned
c) inverted
d) emptied

5. The bill was actually passed in a/an —————- form because members suggested several amendments.

a) extenuate
b) attenuate
c) mild
d) complete

6. He has great —————– for his grand children.

a) affection
b) affectation
c) affinity
d) none of these

7. The government has introduced a project to help —————–, especially the weavers and ivory makers, find a market for their products.

a) artisans
b) partisans
c) artists
d) technicians

8. Spend wisely so that your expenditure does not —————– your income.

a) accede
b) exceed
c) cross
d) outwit

9. She asked him to ————– his tongue.

a) bridal
b) bridle
c) rein
d) control

10. The hoarders and black marketers deserve —————– punishment.

a) corporate
b) corporal
c) competent
d) corpulent

11. His blindness is —————-

a) congenial
b) conjunctive
c) congenital
d) none of these

12. He was —————— by her beauty.

a) captured
b) decapitated
c) captivated
d) connived


1. apposite
2. illusion
3. abstract
4. inverted
5. attenuate
6. affection
7. artisans
8. exceed
9. bridle
10. corporal
11. congenital
12. captivated