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English Vocabulary Exercise

June 16th, 2018 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase. This exercise tests your range of vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.

1. We were shocked ————- the news of his death.

a) with
b) at
c) on
d) from

2. I ran ——————- John this meaning.

a) at
b) in
c) into
d) of

3. I am quite disappointed —————- her.

a) towards
b) by
c) with
d) of

4. When I got there the house —————- pulled down.

a) was
b) is
c) has been
d) had been

5. We ——————— finished by tomorrow afternoon.

a) will finish
b) would finish
c) will have finished
d) had

6. John applied to join army last week but wasn’t tall ————

a) also
b) too
c) enough
d) as well

7. I wish I —————– a better memory.

a) have
b) had
c) will have
d) would have

8. I wondered who —————– left the door open.

a) was
b) has
c) had
d) did

9. I ————— tennis three times this week.

a) have played
b) had played
c) have been playing
d) had been playing

10. He —————— in the same job for twenty years.

a) was working
b) has worked
c) is working
d) had been working

11. Too many books ——————— written about the World Wars.

a) have
b) had
c) have been
d) had been

12. I didn’t knew why I —————– chosen.

a) am
b) have been
c) had been
d) had

13. John isn’t here. Peter isn’t here ———–

a) neither
b) either
c) also
d) too


1. at
2. into (ran into = meet)
3. with
4. had been
5. will have finished
6. enough
7. had
8. had
9. have played
10. has worked
11. have been
12. had been
13. either